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  • Yes! We complete your needs of engineering projects, machine vision project, prototype designing and customization services, not only this plus website development, android development and IOT too.
  • A broad range of services which satisfy your needs.
  • We believe in making your desires come true.
  • Providing technical support to your startup.
  • We will give our 110% to fulfill your expectations.



● Web / Android Development

● Mobile app + circuit (IoT)

● Website + circuit (IoT)

● Machine Vision / Ai

● Automation (IoT + Ai + MV)

● Engineering Project (All)

● Technical support to your startup

Decorative design

● Customized Printed Mask

● Decorative unique Clock

● Fabric Id - cards

● Customized Trophy

● Decorative Photo Frame

● Acrylic transparent showpiece

● Acrylic transparent Gift items


Machine learning and iOT base Health monitoring system with Android App

● Health monitoring systems to constantly measure the health condition of the body and if any critical situation found it will notify a relative with a location. And the device is in the form of a wearable watch

Elephant detection using cctv camera

● Elephant detection and notification system for Chhattisgarh wild area with CCTV camera. Using YOLO-COCO Library.

Design and development of drone kit for agriculture with Android app

● To identify plant condition based on plant color from image, and chemical spring system based on plant condition. ( for Technical Event) (Raspberry Pi)

IoT and SMS base pump control system

● developed one kit that kit can convert any normal pump or motor starter to SMS and IoT based control starter and cost is very low so farmers have to just plug that kit into their starter and they can easily turn on and off-pump from anywhere

IOT based Smart bottle for Healthcare

● An assistant/nurse is responsible for monitoring the Intravenous fluid bottle level,Observer may forget to change the bottle at correct time due to their busy schedule.

Food adulteration manual Android App

● Food adulteration manual Android App , Manual guide with good UI/UX To identify the food is adulterated or not.

Cycle Racing Game with gym cycle.

● Gym Cycle with Racing video game ( We developed Hardware Part for game development company ) With Bluetooth communication. As we know peoples are joining the gym but they get bored after some time, so we develop one game with the gym cycle so two players can do exercise and in the video game they doing a race.

Find a hospital with the availability of the doctor

● This android application to finds the hospital in an emergency. With the doctor's and facility's availability in a hospital so the patient can save time.


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